You’ll soon be able to walk into a Best Buy to set up an EIP on T-Mobile

T-Mobile is moving quick to solidify their retail presence, and soon you will be able to set up an EIP, short for Equipment Installment Plan, at select Best Buy stores.
According to our sources, Best Buy stores that are selling T-Mobile service will begin offering the same EIPs and promos that brick and mortar T-Mobile stores offer. This means deals like their iPhone 13 “On Us” promotions and other phone deals that can be found on the T-Mobile website will now be available at a store other than standard T-Mobile stores.
An Equipment Installment Plan, or EIP, is the term for T-Mobile’s device installments. Customers can split the cost of a new device over 24 (or sometimes 30) months with zero interest. These installment plans are usually required when taking advantage of T-Mobile’s phone promotions, as the discounts are applied as a monthly credit over the length of the EIP term.
The expansion of T-Mobile into “National Retail” stores, namely Best Buy and Walmart, began earlier this …

Written By: Victor Wright

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