YouTube might be planning on improving its podcast experience

Although Google already has a dedicated app for podcasts, the company is reportedly planning on improving the podcast experience on YouTube. The company has posted an opening for an executive who would oversee its podcasting business.
Although many users already use YouTube to listen to podcasts, it isn’t one of the platform’s core offerings. However, Google allegedly wants to change that. According to a YouTube spokesperson (via Bloomberg), the company is currently on the lookout for an executive to “be in charge of organizing and managing the millions of podcasts that already exist on the site.” This news comes just a few weeks after YouTube launched its first-ever official podcast called “The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy.”
Currently, many creators use YouTube as a supplementary platform to share their podcasts. They either publish the podcast as a reaction video or as an audio file with generic cover art. While listeners can easily tune in to such uploads on YouTube or…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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