YouTube TV completes deal to keep NBC channels with no price hike

The past few days in the TV industry have been a whirlwind, as Google and NBCUniversal fought over terms to renew YouTube TV’s access to NBC channels. Thankfully, after the public finger-pointing that usually comes from carriage disputes, both companies have come to an agreement that will keep NBC channels on YouTube TV with no added cost to subscribers.
“We’re thrilled to share that we have now reached an agreement with NBCUniversal,” YouTube TV said in a series of tweets. “You’ll continue to have access to 85+ channels, including all NBCU channels, their Regional Sports Networks, and your local NBC station, with no change to our current monthly price. We know how important NBCUniversal’s content is to you, and we’ve valued your patience while negotiating to keep their channels on our platform. Thank you for your ongoing membership while we work to build you the best possible streaming experience.”
Earlier reports claimed that NBCUniversal asked YouTube TV to bundle Peacock, the co…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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