6 Practices for CEOs to Cultivate Servant Leadership Style

With power comes pride. Consumed by a toxic ego, leaders tend to keep themselves central to every decision-making process they undertake, trying to color the company policies in their own image. Servant leadership principles such as “ Lead from Behind, Inclusive Approach, and Extreme Ownership” seem totally alien to them. In his classic, “Ego is the Enemy,” author Ryan Holiday cites examples of self-assured, obsessive, creative geniuses such as Steve Jobs and Kayne West,  known for their “my way or the highway” attitude.
On the contrary, servant leaders keep their hubris in check at every bend by making their employees feel valuable and comfortable. Servant leaders who believe in walking hand-in-hand with their employees as colleagues and not as their bosses. Stoic leaders who do not feel entitled or seek validation or gratification in the form of fatter paychecks. 
 This post attempts to find six different practices a CEO can adopt to make their employees feel like equals and not a…

Written By: Jennifer Warren

Original Article: https://readwrite.com/2021/11/02/6-practices-for-ceos-to-cultivate-servant-leadership-style/

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