AP Automation vs. Payment Automation: Which Software is Best for You?

The pandemic of 2020 created an unprecedented push for companies to embrace automation software to better adapt their people and systems to remote work.
However, what’s become clear is that the advantages gained from automation software through operational efficiencies and more productive teams transcend simply enabling remote work. Automating functions across areas such as finance, marketing, and project management creates more robust, sustainable companies.
Perhaps in no other business function is that more true than finance.
Automating financial management processes such as accounts payables and billing serves a vital role, and not just in overall efficiency. It also helps in key areas of business continuity, such as fraud prevention and cash flow management.
There are myriad solutions available for automating any number of financial processes or developing a comprehensive full-stack of automation tools. For financial leaders who are looking at where to start, one of the critical…

Written By: Brad Anderson

Original Article: https://readwrite.com/2021/11/17/ap-payment-automation-software/

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