Apple could be working on a beefier iMac “Pro” for next year

For the past year, Apple has been working on migrating its Mac lineup from Intel to its own M1 chip. The first Macs to get a taste of M1 were the MacBook Air 13″, MacBook Pro 13″, and Mac Mini last November. The iMac 24″ got a colorful redesign the following Spring. And finally, the MacBook Pro 2021 models were released last month, powered by the M1 Pro and Max chips and available in 14 and 16-inch configurations. Apple is now seemingly working on a new M1 Pro/Max-equipped iMac “Pro” to replace the 27″ Intel iMac.
According to MacRumors, leaker Dylandkt has shared that Apple is planning to release a redesigned 27″ iMac “Pro” during the first half of 2022. The upgraded M1 Pro/Max chips will allegedly power the new iMac “Pro”. Thus it will have the “Pro” label to distinguish it from the 24″ M1 iMac. This comes as no surprise, considering Apple wants to completely get rid of Intel Macs. The 27″ iMac replacement will only bring the tech giant a step closer to reaching that aim.
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