Asset Management with IoT in Media and Entertainment Industry

Coupled with cloud platforms and Big Data analysis, IoT in Media and Entertainment industry provides a significant boost in utilizing their machine and human assets. IoT (Internet of things) refers to the ecosystem of connected smart devices and environmental sensors that track assets, across locations.
Without IoT, asset management solutions suffer from delays and errors in manual data collection. In addition, issues like under-utilization of assets, poor maintenance, and reporting may also hamper it. This loss translates to a lack of awareness of real-time consumer needs, poor utilization of assets, theft, and limited data. This helps to predict overall and personalized content consumption in the media and entertainment industry.
The role of IoT in the media and entertainment industry
The Media and Entertainment Industry can now make better-informed decisions by harvesting the multiple facets of consumer data. These include data such as location, time of day, parallel activities t…

Written By: Anjana Sadanandan

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