ASUS launches the ROG Phone 5s series in Europe

ASUS launched the ROG Phone 5s series back in August, though international availability was a big question mark. The ROG Phone 5s series consists of two phones: the ROG Phone 5s and the ROG Phone 5s Pro, both of which act as replacements for the standard ROG Phone 5 and the ROG Phone 5 Pro/Ultimate, respectively. Both phones in the ROG Phone 5s series feature Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888+ chipset, a higher binned Snapdragon 888 with the “Prime” core now clocked at up to 2.995GHz rather than 2.84GHz, and some additional performance optimizations to the Hexagon 780 DSP and Qualcomm AI engine. Now, both devices are available in Europe from the ASUS online store and selected retailers.
The ASUS ROG Phone 5s series is more or less just a refresh of the already-excellent ROG Phone 5 series. Unlike the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate that we reviewed earlier this year, the ROG Phone 5s Pro isn’t a limited-edition variant. It features the color-enabled “ROG Vision” PMOLED display on the rear like …

Written By: Adam Conway

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