Building a (Big) Data Pipeline the Right Way

External data can be used to improve overall business performance. First, however, dig deeper into the way external data is sourced and implemented into management practices.
External data is increasing in utility yearly. As acquisition becomes more ubiquitous and accessible to smaller businesses, applications for external data proliferate. Proper management of such data, however, continues to be an issue. A survey conducted in the past few years has shown that even legendary enterprises can struggle to manage data.
Before continuing, I highly recommend reading my previous article on this topic. Jumping into external data and its acquisition and management would be easier if the proper groundwork was already laid.

Understanding External Data
It may sound simplistic at first. However, external data is all data that is acquired from outside the organization. In marketing, it’s often referred to as second party or third party data.
However, external data arrives in many shapes and for…

Written By: Julius Cerniauskas

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