Get the Google Nest Thermostat for just $90 ($40 off)

Black Friday is over, but the deals keep on coming in anticipation of Cyber Monday. You can get a Google Nest Thermostat for just $90 right now, and it’s the perfect addition to the beginnings of a smart home. The Nest Thermostat in Snow is the only one available at $90 — the rest are available at $100.
Google Nest Thermostat

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If you’re wondering why you might want one of these devices, a Google Nest Thermostat replaces your existing “dumb” thermostat, allowing you to control and program your heating and HVAC cooling systems from your phone. It can be controlled manually via the on-screen display, through the Google Home app, or by voice with Google Assistant. But its real power comes from its ability to make intelligent decisions that go way beyond making your house a certain temperature at a certain time. Using an array of sensors, it can look at w…

Written By: Adam Conway

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