Google and Apple fined by Italian competition authority for “aggressive practices” in data usage

Apple is no stranger to antitrust investigations, particularly as the company was recently fined, alongside Amazon, just a couple of days ago in Italy. Now Apple has been fined again for “aggressive practices” pertaining to its selling of user data, but this time, the company has been fined alongside Google for the same reasons. Both companies have been fined €10 million, which is the maximum permitted according to Italian law.
The AGCM, the Italian competition authority, said in a statement that the two companies did not provide “clear and immediate information” on how data of users was collected and used. It was said that when users were setting up their accounts with Google, it was designed so that the terms and conditions on data usage would be accepted.
As for Apple, when creating an Apple ID, the Italian watchdog said that users were not given a choice at all. It was also said that users were repeatedly told that data collection was only necessary in order to improve the consu…

Written By: Adam Conway

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