Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Camera Shootout: Who’s winning the hardware-software synergy game?

The Google Pixel is often said to be “the iPhone of Android,” mainly because Google supposedly design and built the Pixels from scratch, and because Google makes Android, this gives the Pixels a sense of hardware-software synergy that only Apple can offer.  But that wasn’t really true, at least in the early days. The first Pixel was basically manufactured by HTC using leftover HTC parts, and all the way up until a few months ago, Pixel phones still sourced its brain — the SoC — from a third-party vendor. But the Google Pixel 6 changes things. Google has much more control over its hardware production now, and this is the first phone to run Google’s own self-designed SoC, Tensor. This means the Google Pixel 6 is finally, the iPhone of Android.
And just as Apple did with the iPhone 13 series, Google gave the Pixel 6 significantly improved camera hardware (both companies had stubbornly resisted chasing camera hardware trends in years past), and so this year’s camera comparison between t…

Written By: Ben Sin

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