Google’s Generic Kernel Image is the next step towards solving Android’s fragmentation problem

Google has been working on reducing fragmentation on Android for years, though part of the cause of that is the inherent nature of Android and the dual-edged sword of choice and freedom. There are countless OEMs active in the space, and all of them want to make their own modifications for their own devices. The problem then is that it looks like Android OS updates are slow to roll out across the board, but there’s not a lot that Google can actually do to force OEMs to update their devices. As such, the next best thing that Google can do is make the update process as easy and frictionless as possible.
Easing the Android update pain
The first major initiative in Google’s long-term project to reduce the development burden was Project Treble. Announced alongside Android 8.0 Oreo in 2017, Project Treble modularized Android by separating the OS framework from the vendor implementation (HALs and the device-specific Linux kernel fork). This made it easier for Android OEMs to rebase their OS…

Written By: Adam Conway

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