Here are all the new features and UI changes in Android 12L

Android 12 was only just released last month, though we managed to get our hands on what we thought was Android 12.1 before its release. It had a number of improvements and features aimed at foldable smartphones, including a new dual-pane notifications panel, a new split-screen UI, and a whole lot more. Later, we learned that the next version of Android wasn’t going to be called Android 12.1, but was instead going to be called Android 12L. Now we’re getting another look at all of its major UI changes and features, months in advance of its final release.
While we’ve already seen a lot of what’s on offer from Android 12L, we’re getting an even closer look at a lot of these changes (and more) thanks to a deep-dive post shared on Esper.
User interface changes in Android 12L
Redesigned apps and system elements
Android 12 has a ton of visual changes, the biggest of which is Material You. Material You’s dynamic colors feature makes use of monet, a new theme engine introduced in Android 12 …

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