Here are Verizon’s deals for Black Friday

It’s almost time for Black Friday, and some carriers such as AT&T are already getting in on the action. While Verizon hasn’t officially confirmed its Black Friday deals yet, our sources have told us some of what to expect. Most of the carrier’s deals are focused on smartphones, but there’s potential for some major savings if you’re looking to grab a new smartphone, iPad, or even an Apple Watch.
According to our sources, Verizon will have its Black Friday deals beginning on the 18th of November, at 3 am ET. These deals will run for approximately 10 days, depending on the deal. However, our sources weren’t able to confirm whether or not some deals will start later. Many of these offers are just extensions of the existing offers currently available. Here are the offers Verizon will have:

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Up to $1,000 off select smartphones
11/18 – 11/28

Requires new line
Includes iPhone 13 series and select Android devices
Likely requires trade-in
Damaged devices accepted

Written By: Victor Wright

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