Here’s how to get a free Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 from T-Mobile

T-Mobile is once again offering it’s coveted premium plan users a great deal, and this time it’s an entirely free Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 or $1000 off a Galaxy Z Fold 3. You just need to add a line to get it.
According to our sources, T-Mobile has now begun a new promotion for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 as of October 29th. The plan that you have determines how good of a deal it is. The offer is limited to a maximum of 4 redemptions per account.
Customers on any Magenta Max or ONE Plus (or some business unlimited plans/Sprint premium plans) can simply add a line to their account along with a new Galaxy Z Fold3 or Galaxy Z Flip3 on EIP. The customer will then receive an SMS message confirming eligibility. This will start the monthly bill credits over the length of the installment plan. The total credit amount will be $1000 which works out to about $41.66 per month on a typical 24-month EIP.
Non-premium plans, like standard Magenta, get half value. Those customers will re…

Written By: Victor Wright

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