Here’s the changes Android 12L will bring to your smartphone

Google first revealed Android 12L in October, and unlike most Android updates, it’s focusing almost exclusively on devices with large screens. Tablets, foldables, and Chromebooks are where most of the exciting changes will arrive, but that doesn’t mean normal smartphones are completely left out of the fun. Now we have a better idea about which changes will show up on all Android devices.
Google already mentioned a few new features and API changes coming to all devices as part of the Android 12L update, including a new “quick wallpaper picker” option in the AOSP Launcher, Nearby calling for Pixel and Nest devices, the return of volume controls for Casting, dynamic theme support in AOSP, and Material You colors in the boot animation.
A few other changes have been now been highlighted by Esper. Starting with Android 12L, device manufacturers will be able to override the preferred orientations requested by applications, which will benefit foldables the most (e.g. your Galaxy Fold 3 won’…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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