How to Realize Your Dream of Becoming a Digital Nomad

The evolving idea of a digital nomad hit turbo speed when the pandemic began. At its most basic, the concept of being a digital nomad boils down to choosing where you want to live and working for yourself. It’s a beautiful combination of an adventurer and a freelancer, a wanderer and an entrepreneur, an aspirational traveler, and a calculating risk-taker.
Operating as a digital nomad may be a popular and alluring lifestyle at the moment. But it does take some focus and energy to pull off, especially if you want to maintain things with success over time.
If you’re leaning toward venturing out on the path of the digital nomad, here are a few tips and suggestions to get you started.
Pick a Good Place to Travel
Finding success as a digital nomad doesn’t consist of heading off to wherever the wind may take you. It may sound romantic, but you need to think ahead if you don’t want to end up stranded somewhere or left without an internet connection.
Several factors should go into selecting …

Written By: Deanna Ritchie

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