Huawei might license its smartphone designs to avoid US trade sanctions

Huawei has been the subject of numerous back-and-forth battles over international trade, largely due to security concerns over the networking equipment it sells to carriers and other tech companies. That hasn’t stopped Huawei’s smartphone division from taking hit after hit, though — Google was legally required to withdraw the company’s Android license in 2020, and Huawei has had trouble acquiring chips and other components sold by US-based companies. Now the company has a plan to sidestep some of those obstacles, according to a new report.
Bloomberg is reporting (via Android Authority) that Huawei is planning to license the designs for its smartphones to other companies, as a method of gaining access to critical components. China Postal and Telecommunications Appliances Co., or PTAC for short, is planned to be the first company to participate. PTAC already sells Huawei phones on its website, and the new agreement will reportedly allow PTAC to sell self-branded devices based on Huawe…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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