I love the Microsoft Surface Duo 2, and hate it too

True story: I purchased and sold the original Microsoft Duo on three separate occasions. No, it wasn’t because I was flipping them for profit the way sneakerheads do with Jordans or savvy real estate investors do with houses. I lost money each time I sold the Duo. But I did it anyway because I had a major love-hate relationship with Microsoft’s two-screened device.
My feelings were clearly divided and split into two parts.
I love the Duo’s hardware: I am fully on board with the concept of a two-screened portable computer that fits into my pocket because it significantly improves my productivity the way even true foldables like Samsung’s Fold series does not
I hate the Duo’s software: At launch, the software was broken to the point of deserving of recalls, and even after months of software patches, the software was still buggy and unreliable. It may be the single worst piece of software I have ever experienced from a mass released consumer device from a reputable brand
It is these tw…

Written By: Ben Sin

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/microsoft-surface-duo-2-love-hate-relationship/

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