It’s not just you: Many T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T customers can’t call each other

There seems to be a pretty big outage going on between the three big carriers, and especially between T-Mobile and Verizon, as calls between them are having issues nationwide.
According to sources at T-Mobile, the issue is known and actively being worked on. The incident is described as an intermittent outage affecting customers nationwide due to a “Verizon outage”.
Support reps have been informed not to transfer customers to technical support for the issue and instead inform the customer that the company is working on a solution.
The problem seems to have started around 2 PM Eastern, with reports beginning to show up around that time via downdetector and then on Reddit. The issue appears to be ongoing, however, the number of reports seems to be diminishing.


According to The Verge, Verizon says their network is operating normally. Our sources at T-Mobile, however, say that documentation they have access to places the blame on Verizon. A report from WFAA says t…

Written By: Victor Wright

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