MachineFi: the Future of Smart Devices, IoT and Blockchain

DeFi, GameFi, and many other Fi’s are available, and MachineFi is the elephant-linchpin in the room. What if your profit center and economic driver could be machines?
I see a paradigm shift in the crypto and blockchain space. But take a minute to watch the goals of DeFi come about. Watch how the crypto-enabled apps try to disrupt traditional financial services with software. DeFi emphasizes decentralization and the possibility of a trillion-dollar machine-based economy based around smart and connected IoT devices.
The Future of Smart Devices, IoT and Blockchain
Although the internet has revolutionized our lives, most people wouldn’t believe what you said about how much human interaction will take place online over the next 20 years. Imagine a blockchain future. Someone said that it is “a puzzle wrapped in mystery within an enigma.” This decentralized digital and physical universe has just begun to connect the pieces.
What are the financial baby steps coming about on the internet?

Written By: Deanna Ritchie

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