Mozilla is shutting down its password manager app, but there’s already a replacement

Mozilla first released its Firefox Lockwise mobile app in 2019, which provides a password manager-like design to the login sync functionality in Firefox. Lockwise could function as an autofill provider on Android and iOS, allowing you to fill in passwords in other apps with logins saved in a Firefox Sync account. Mozilla is now shutting down Firefox Lockwise, but don’t freak out — there’s already a replacement.
Firefox 93 for Android was released last month, and among other changes, it added the ability to function as an Autofill provider on Android — just like the dedicated Lockwise app. Now that the main Firefox app has Lockwise’s main feature, and most people with Lockwise installed are probably using Firefox anyway, Mozilla has apparently decided to discontinue the dedicated Lockwise app.

A new support article on Mozilla’s website (via The Verge) states that support for Firefox Lockwise will end on December 13, 2021. After that point, the app won’t be available on the Google…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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