New Tactics for Using AV Technology in Hybrid Workplaces

Today, work is happening anywhere and everywhere, thanks to remote work arrangements fueled by the pandemic shutdowns.
Half of the Workers Surveyed Preferred Working Remotely
And with more than half of all workers surveyed by PwC preferring to work remotely at least three days a week (even after their concerns from the pandemic fade), the shift toward remote and hybrid work models will no doubt be long-lasting.
Fewer than 20% of executives expect the workplace to be like before the pandemic, and more than 80% believe remote work has been a success for their businesses. I know I’m not alone in the desire to get back into the office, but the idea of being fully in the office every day of the week looks to be a thing of the past.
As telework continues, millions of people seek new ways to stay connected with and participate in company processes. Accordingly, adaptable, innovative, and future-leaning audiovisual technology is more essential than ever.
Innovative AV Tech
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Written By: Bob Marsh

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