OnePlus Nord 2 has a vulnerability that grants root shell access within minutes on a locked bootloader, without a data wipe

A lot of us here at XDA-Developers originally started browsing the forums for the first time when we were looking to root our Android devices. Back in those days, people often relied on “one-click root” methods: Apps or scripts containing payloads that target known privilege escalation vulnerabilities of the existing firmware to gain root access. With improvements and changes to encryption, permissions, and privacy-related handling, modern Android devices are relatively safe from such attack vectors, but there will always remain scope for exploits and vulnerabilities.
OnePlus might have cemented its name among the major Android OEMs, but its phones are no stranger to security flaws. This time, the company has left a rather interesting (read: worrying) vulnerability unpatched on the OnePlus Nord 2 since its release. Although exploiting the loophole requires physical access to the device, the attacker can effectively gain an unrestricted root shell before the user can even enter their…

Written By: Skanda Hazarika

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