Qualcomm wants to take on Apple’s M series with its next-gen processor

Qualcomm says it’s working on a next-gen PC processor that will set a new “performance benchmark for Windows PCs.” At the company’s 2021 Investor Day event, Qualcomm chief officer Dr. James Thompson detailed plans for the next-generation ARM-based PC chips that would go head to head against Apple’s M-series chips.
Qualcomm plans to have samples ready (via The Verge) for hardware partners in nine months; however, the chipset won’t arrive in products until 2023. The new chip will be designed by Nuvia, a startup that Qualcomm acquired for $.14 billion in January this year. The startup, which specializes in chip design, was formed by three Apple engineers who had previously worked on Apple’s A-series chipset.
Image credit: The Verge
Qualcomm isn’t sharing technical details of the chipset just yet, but it’s making some bold claims like setting the performance benchmark for Windows PCs, offering class-leading sustained performance battery life, and giving tough competition to Apple’s M-se…

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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