Satechi’s USB Type-C and Thunderbolt adapters are up to $50 off today

Satechi sells a wide range of high-end USB and Thunderbolt accessories for phones, desktops, and everything in between. For this year’s Cyber Monday, Satechi has discounted six of its multi-port adapters and docks at Best Buy, which might be the perfect companions for your Type-C or Thunderbolt-equipped computers.
First up is the USB-C Adapter M1, which is now on sale for $119.99, a savings of $30 from the usual price. It has two USB Type-A ports, two HDMI connectors capable of 4K video at 60Hz (as long as your computer is capable of that), a USB Type-C port for data, and a pass-through USB Type-C connector for charging your computer. Meanwhile, Satechi’s USB-C 9-in-1 Adapter is discounted to $79.99 ($20 off), and has pass-through USB-C charging, HDMI, VGA, USB Type-A ports, an SD card slot, a microSD slot, and Gigabit Ethernet. Finally, the USB-C Slim 7-in-1 Adapter is on sale for $55.99 ($24 off) with the same features, minus the VGA connector.
USB-C Adapter M1

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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