Save 30% on great home Wi-Fi with this Nest Wifi Black Friday deal

Google released a new mesh Wi-Fi system in late 2019, dubbed the Nest Wifi. It replaced the older Google Wifi and provides fast and reliable internet throughout your home, and there’s no limit on how many you can add so long as they’re in range of each other. The Nest Wifi is sold in either a single pack or a double pack, depending on how much space you need to cover, and now the two-pack is on sale for $209 at Amazon. That’s $90 below the MSRP, making this a pretty good deal.
Google Nest Wifi (twin pack)

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This is a mesh router system, meaning one station acts as the main router (which connects to your ISP’s modem) and the other “points” (just one, in this case) act as additional nodes. Your computers, tablets, phones, and other internet-enabled gadgets connect to the Nest Wifi closest to them, which means your practical network range is greater than…

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