Save Big on iSteady Gimbals [Black Friday Sale]

Your smartphone’s camera might be much better than you realize if you’ve never had the opportunity to use it with a gimbal. Our hands are very shaky, which makes our phones do extra work in an attempt to stabilize our footage. By using a gimbal, you can get smoother footage and higher-quality shots. If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your smartphone or action camera footage, Hohem’s Black Friday sale features iSteady gimbals which are a great place to start. Designed to be easy to use, with different solutions for multiple situations, these iSteady gimbals are a fantastic value.
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iSteady V2 [Black Friday Price: $129.00 $103.20]
The ultimate smartphone companion comes in the form of the iSteady V2. This acts as a 3-axis stabilization gimbal, a tripod, and an emergency charger for your phone. Available in Black or Cream White, the iSteady V2 utilizes AI smart features to give you the best video experience with your phone.

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