Shure’s priciest yet amazing IEMs are now available at significantly lower prices

Shure is a pretty well-known brand in the audio space, thanks to the company’s high-end offerings. While most of what they have for sale is considerably pricey, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can pick up a pair of some of their most expensive in-ear monitors for significantly less than usual. These are some of the best wired earphones that you can get.
The Shure SE215 earphones are down from $100 to $80, the SE425 are down from $270 to $200, the SE545 are down from $450 to $360, and the SE846 are down from an astonishingly high $1124 to “just” $800.
Shure SE215 PRO

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Shure SE425

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If neither of these earphones are professional enough for you, then be prepared to splurge. The SE215 are likely more than most consumers need, and upgrading t…

Written By: Adam Conway

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