Spotify finally, finally brings real-time lyrics to its apps

When listening to music, we often find ourselves singing along. However, sometimes we switch to humming because the lyrics aren’t all familiar to us. When comparing Spotify to some other music players, it always had an obvious disadvantage — lack of a lyrics view. Fortunately for all of us, this is no longer going to be the case. Starting today, Spotify is rolling out real-time lyrics to all users worldwide across its supported platforms.
According to TechCrunch, the music streaming giant has started rolling out this feature on its apps today. Free and premium users on mobile, desktop, consoles, and select smart TVs will be able to take advantage of it. The feature had been requested for years on Spotify Community — where users submit feature requests, ideas, feedback, and more. The Swedish company has finally listened, and we’ve already spotted this feature on some of our phones.

You can now access lyrics on mobile by swiping up from the Now Playing screen. Users will also get …

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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