Surface Pro 9: Release date, specs, and everything you need to know

Microsoft has only just launched the Surface Pro 8, and it’s quite a fantastic device. Bringing big new features like Thunderbolt and a 120Hz display, it’s easily one of the best Surface devices ever, and one of the best laptops you can buy right now, too. But it’s never too early to look into the future, and some of us are already thinking about the Surface Pro 9.
Of course, since the Surface Pro 8 was just released, a successor is likely still a ways out. That also means we don’t know a whole lot about it right now. However, there are some things we can estimate or speculate on.
When is the Surface Pro 9 coming?
The Surface Pro family is Microsoft’s most consistent line of products, starting back in 2012 and getting a refresh almost every year since. And that’s the key to knowing when the next one is coming. With the latest Surface Pro 8 just having released, it’s fair to expect the Surface Pro 9 is coming in the fall of 2022.
In addition to lining up in terms of the usual time be…

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