The Demo Experience Power Must be Back in the Hands of Sales Reps

The business landscape is constantly evolving. Processes come and go. Fads rise and fall. Companies start and end. Each of these events has a subtle effect on the larger business world.
However, there come points in time when sweeping, and dramatic changes take place all at once. Such has been the case when it comes to digital sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to Mckinsey & Company, nearly 90 percent of sales have shifted to a digital format at this point. From video conferencing to phone calls to other web sales models, nine out of every ten sales reps worldwide are plying their trade remotely.
This shift has drawn its fair share of skepticism. Even so, most forward-thinking individuals are looking for opportunities in the new long-distance sales environment. The possibilities include replacing traditional sales tools with remote-friendly alternatives.
One tool that’s found explosive growth during the last two years is demo platforms. The ability to showcase a product o…

Written By: Deanna Ritchie

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