The Oculus Quest 2 was my best Tech Purchase of the Year, and you should also consider one

Virtual Reality, more commonly referred to as VR, is a concept that has been around for some time now. While consumer VR headsets were first made available way back in the 1990s, it wasn’t until two decades later that the tech started to get some shape and gain popularity. In 2014, Google launched Google Cardboard, a DIY project to further familiarize the masses with the concept of VR. Google Cardboard was a platform that enabled consumers to experience VR in a cost-effective way. It involved using your smartphone with a piece of cardboard and a couple of lenses to create an immersive effect.

Both Google and third-party developers then launched a bunch of apps that would let you experience content in VR. This included media players, games, galleries, etc. Google even introduced a VR mode within the YouTube app that would let you watch a video with a three-dimensional experience. While Google didn’t sell the Cardboard kit in India, there were several third-party manufacturers who so…

Written By: Sumukh Rao

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