The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is down to $900 for Black Friday

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a great phone, and one of the top contenders for the flagship phone of the year for 2021. It’s incredibly overkill for a smartphone for regular users, but that’s what people like me prefer. What comes along with the overkill on features is the overkill on price, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra launching for $1,200 in the USA for the starting 12GB + 128GB variant. For this Black Friday sale season, you can get the overkill Galaxy S21 Ultra flagship for $900 on Amazon, the lowest price yet for the flagship. If you prefer purchasing directly from Samsung, you can get it for $1,000.
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Buy for $900 at Amazon
Buy for $1,000 at Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a great flagship, especially for people in the USA w…

Written By: Aamir Siddiqui

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