These DROP X Marvel Keycaps are 30% off on Amazon

This one is for the Marvel fanboys who also appreciate mechanical keyboards. The DROP X Marvel Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, and Infinity War keycaps are currently available at a 30% discount on Amazon. All sets feature 160 keycaps, including quite a few novelty options for the Caps Lock, Escape, Enter, and Shift keys. The MT3 profile ABS doubleshot keycaps are compatible with all Cherry MX switches and clones.
The DROP X Black Panther keycaps set is the best-looking one out of the bunch, thanks to the black and purple combo. The set includes a novelty Escape key with the Black Panther insignia, an extra Shift key with Black Panther’s necklace, an Enter key showing an iconic scene from the movies, and two Shift keys with the Marvel logo.
DROP X Black Panther keycaps

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The DROP X Infinity War set is, in my opinion, the second-best. The key…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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