Twitch now supports watching streams with friends using Apple SharePlay

Apple SharePlay is a new feature on iOS and macOS that allows you to watch content with other people over FaceTime, like a system-level version of Prime Video’s ‘Watch Party’ or Instagram’s ‘Co-Watching’ feature. There aren’t many applications and services that work with SharePlay yet, but streaming platform Twitch announced today that SharePlay is now available in the Twitch iOS apps.
Twitch announced the new feature on its Twitter account today (via MacRumors), and new support articles explain how it works. Everyone in a FaceTime call needs to have the Twitch app installed, and must be logged in with a Twitch account. Once that’s done, and someone opens a Twitch stream, a prompt should appear to watch it with everyone on the call.
Want to watch Twitch with all your friends? Now you can on iPhone and iPad devices through SharePlay!
Learn more about how to watch streams together in a FaceTime call here:
— Twitch Support (@TwitchSupport) November 30, 2021


Written By: Corbin Davenport

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