Twitter acquires Threader app in a bid to further improve its Blue subscription service

Twitter expanded its Blue subscription coverage to include the US and New Zealand last week. This premium service — priced at $2.99 per month — includes features like app theming, custom icons, ad-free articles, turning long threads into an easy-to-read page, and more. Threader is a freemium iOS and web app that also compiles Twitter threads into an article-like document. Twitter has just acquired this app in a bid to further improve its Blue subscription service.
As reported by 9to5Mac, Twitter has announced that it’s acquiring Threader today. This app has been available on iOS and the web, but it will be shutting down on December 15 — exactly a month away. Threader is still live on the App Store as of now, and users will be able to take full advantage of its service until the mentioned date. Twitter will be partially refunding annual plan subscribers when it cancels everyone’s subscriptions.
As for why Twitter is acquiring Threader, it’s because the company already offers a “Reade…

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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