Web 3.0 Won’t Happen if Blockchain Platforms Don’t Lead the Way

A utopian vision of the internet lasted well into the nineties, as Bill Gates wrote in a 1996 op-ed titled “Internet will improve democracy” that open information and communication “will put the citizen in a fundamentally more powerful position than ever before.” Web 2.0, the internet as we know it today, vastly expanded access to information and transformed everything about society.
Yet, it’s safe to say not everyone shares Gates’s early optimism about improving democracy. Web 2.0 was a step in the right direction with many limitations—from data mining to censorship and security threats. However, a new and improved layer will fix the stagnation the internet faces today. AI and advanced machine learning techniques in Web 3.0 will personalize what we know as the internet today.
However, it has yet to take off truly. Blockchain will empower Web 3.0 to bring about the promise of a truly decentralized internet.
We need to make space for blockchain when talking about Web 3.0
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Written By: James Wo

Original Article: https://readwrite.com/2021/11/04/web-3-0-wont-happen-if-blockchain-platforms-dont-lead-the-way/

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