Windows 10 will get annual feature updates from now on

Today, Microsoft announced the availability of Windows 10 version 21H2, also known as the November 2021 Update. It’s a minor update that doesn’t have any front-facing features for consumers; rather, it’s more focused toward IT. Perhaps more interesting is that the Redmond firm announced that moving forward, Windows 10 is going to get yearly updates until its end of support date in October 2025.
Ever since 2017, Windows 10 has been on a semi-annual cadence for new feature updates. In fact, it was meant to align with Office 365 ProPlus feature updates, but Windows 11 is now going to get new features on a yearly basis. Windows 10 is going to match that.
Interestingly, not much changes in terms of support. With Windows 10, the rule has been that the spring update gets 18 months of support, and the fall update gets 30 months of support, for businesses at least. Moving forward, these annual updates will still arrive in the fall, so they’re still going to get 30 months of updates. There’s …

Written By: Rich Woods

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