With Tech Hiring Booming, Here’s What to Know About Your Retirement Plan When Changing Jobs

Job growth in the technology industry has been at a fever pitch for almost a quarter of a century and still is today. However, with companies competing for top talent, IT professionals have opportunities to change their career paths for the better.
But when you leave one company for another — especially if you were there for a long time — you’ll inevitably have to tie up loose ends related to your employment. One of the most crucial to address is your employee retirement plan, whether it’s a 401(k) or IRA.
Transitioning to a new job is always a hectic time. But it’s also a prime time to set yourself up for a winning retirement. So what can you do to succeed?
Veteran financial expert Ty J. Young, CEO of Ty J. Young Wealth Management, has some thoughts on your choices and the best paths forward.
4 Retirement Plan Options When You Change Jobs
When you’re orchestrating your exit from your earlier job, Young says you generally have four choices for what to do about your old IRA.
Cash Out…

Written By: Deanna Ritchie

Original Article: https://readwrite.com/2021/11/03/retirement-plan-when-changing-jobs/

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