XDA Basics: How to edit or combine PDF files on a Mac

Apple revealed the new MacBook Pro 2021 during its Unleashed Mac event last month. If you own a MacBook Pro, make sure to protect it with a case. macOS is a great operating system for productivity, especially handling documents. However, dealing with PDF files isn’t as straightforward as a Pages document. So here’s how to edit or combine PDF files on a Mac.
How to edit or combine PDF files on a Mac
macOS gives users the option to do some PDF editing without needing to download additional, third-party software. While there are some limitations on what a user can edit, the built-in editor still offers decent functionality. Whatever you plan to do with your PDF file, there are common first steps:
Open the Finder app from your Dock.
Navigate to the PDF file(s) you want to edit or combine.
Double click on the PDF file you want to deal with to open it in the Preview app.

Click on the Markup icon to show its toolbar. It’s the first icon, to the left of the search bar.
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Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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