6 Lessons From Publishing 7 Guest Blog Posts

Some say that the age of writing guest blog posts is over and some stand by it for growing a brand. Regardless of where you stand on guest blog posts — here are a few lessons I learned from publishing guest articles during the last year and a half.
You may disagree with some, agree with others, or even find something new to help with your strategy.
Guest Blog Post Length Can Vary A lot
The common knowledge is that the longer the post, the better. However, not all sites are alike when it comes to length requirements.
For example, Going Concern’s minimum is 500 words and Business2Community’s is 300 words. Does that mean you should write for the minimum? Not necessarily. These articles here and here that I published with them are around 600-700 words each.
That’s still pretty short, depending on who you talk to.
There are also sites like Content Marketing Institute that don’t have word count goals and prefer whatever engages best with readers.
Why It Matters
There are some major differ…

Written By: Bob Buckley

Original Article: https://readwrite.com/2021/12/05/lessons-from-publishing-7-guest-blog-posts/

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