Android 12L Beta 1 goes live for Google Pixel phones

Android 12 arrived in October and was shortly followed by an Android 12L developer preview. Android 12L is a feature-drop update specifically designed to bring several optimizations and improvements for foldables and large screen devices. Back before the full release of Android 12, we talked about an Android 12.1 update in September this year. At the time, we learned that the update would bring several new features for foldable devices, including a dual-pane UI for the notifications shade, settings, and lockscreen, a dedicated taskbar, and more. Now, the first Android 12L Beta has gone live for Google Pixel smartphones.
Here are all the new features and UI changes in Android 12L
We’ve learned pretty much everything there is to know about Android 12L already, though this is the first time we’re getting to test it on a Pixel device. You could test it in an emulator, and you could also test out the first developer preview on a Lenovo P12 Pro if you had one. In its current state, there’…

Written By: Adam Conway

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