Android 12L Developer Preview 1 arrives for the Lenovo P12 Pro

Android is constantly changing and improving, and the platform has matured over the years to be one of the most dominant operating systems in the world. Android 12 is the most recent Android version, arriving in an anti-climactic AOSP source code drop at the start of October. It was followed by a Pixel series rollout a few weeks later, alongside the launch of the Google Pixel 6 series. At the time, we had already gotten our hands on what we thought was Android 12.1, though we later learned that it would be called “Android 12L” and that the first beta release would arrive for the Pixel lineup in December. Android 12L Developer Preview 1 is now available for the Lenovo P12 Pro, and you can install it already.
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Interestingly, we already know a lot of what Google has planned for Android 12L. It’s an update primarily focused around large-screen foldables and tablets, which is why Google has partnered with Lenovo to lau…

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