Android Automotive 12 includes interface improvements, no 32-bit support, and much more

Android Automotive is Google’s Android-based operating system for car entertainment systems. While Android Auto simply mirrors apps and content from your phone to a car, Automotive functions independently, with its own Play Store and music playback abilities. Google recently completed a new Automotive update based on Android 12, and there are a few interesting changes.
Android Automotive 12 was technically released on October 4th, but as Mishaal Rahman pointed out on Twitter, Google was fairly quiet about the new update — presumably because it won’t actually arrive on any cars anytime soon. The update includes a new Power Policy API (for car makers to customize background tasks), an SMS reference client, prioritized heads-up notifications, a visual indicator for microphone access, a new app launcher, and a two-column design for the Settings app. Android’s Toasts API has also now been enabled, but only system applications can use it.
Interestingly, Android Automotive 12 is 64-bit onl…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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