Android TV’s discovery-focused UI is now rolling out to more TVs in more regions

Google released a major UI update for the Android TV interface in February this year. The new interface resembled the Google TV UI and laid emphasis on helping users discover new content on the platform. However, it featured fewer tabs on the home screen. Google rolled out another update for this new discovery-focused UI in July this year, which introduced three new features including a watchlist. The UI is now rolling out to more TVs in more regions, and it comes with a minor home screen UI change.
The Android TV UI update recently started showing up for some users in India, Brazil, and Europe. The UI is reportedly rolling out to OnePlus TVs (via @hardik3333333), a few Xiaomi Mi Box models (via u/ErickJail), and even some TCL TVs. It includes all the content discovery-focused changes that Google introduced in February this year, along with a minor home screen UI update that adds a ‘Favorite apps’ carousel.

(Screenshot: u/venky61)
In addition to the home screen UI changes, the late…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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