Apple gets relief: Devs can’t link to their own billing systems just yet

Almost all of us are now familiar with the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. The judge had given the company until December 9 — today — to allow developers to link to their own billing systems. However, after it appealed at court, it won a reprieve and won’t have to make changes just yet. The ruling had requested that Apple allows developers to link to their own billing systems in iOS apps. For the time being, the App Store guidelines will remain unchanged, as the Cupertino giant has bought itself some more time.
As The Wall Street Journal reports, Apple won yesterday a US appeals court reprieve in changing its App Store guidelines. The company won’t be forced to allow developers to inform users in iOS apps about alternative payment options — that aren’t Apple’s. The delay could potentially give Apple years before it has to alter its rules regarding this particular matter. The appeals court order states:
Apple has demonstrated, at minimum, that its appeal raises ser…

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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