December 2021 Android security updates now rolling out to select Pixel phones

We’re now in the final stretch of 2021, with the holiday season in full swing, and now Google has a gift for anyone using an Android device. The latest Android security patch is now available, and while it should start arriving on third-party devices soon, it’s rolling out now to select Pixel phones. This is the second security update to arrive for Android 12, and the Google Pixel 6 series will be getting it a week later alongside this month’s Pixel feature drop.
December 2021 Android Security Update Bulletin
The December 2021 Android Security Bulletin can be viewed here, and it outlines a total of 18 vulnerabilities in the Android Framework and system components and a total of 30 vulnerabilities in the kernel and vendor components. The CVE numbers, type of vulnerability, threat severity, and affected OS version/component are listed in the tables published by Google. Nearly all of the vulnerabilities in the Android Framework and system components have been addressed with the securit…

Written By: Adam Conway

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