Dell’s Concept Luna aims for sustainability with a reparable PC

Today, Dell is announcing Concept Luna, the first of its CES concepts that we’ll be seeing this year. Concept Luna is all about sustainability. Indeed, sustainability is a theme that we’re starting to see across the industry, and everyone is trying to show just how sustainable they can get.
Concept Luna goes all-out with a two-pronged strategy. The first is a smaller carbon footprint. Dell says that motherboards can be an energy-consuming part to make, so in this product, the board is 75% smaller, or 5,580 square millimeters, and there are 20% fewer components. Dell says that by making this change, the carbon footprint of the motherboard drops by 50%.
That’s not all though, because Dell thought about all of the parts, and moving them around in ways that reduce the carbon footprint of the device. The new motherboard goes in the lid now. That puts it in a larger surface area and moves it further from the battery, so it stays cooler without needing a fan. This lowers power consumption …

Written By: Rich Woods

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